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I am an impressionistic landscape painter living in Cayuga, Ontario with my hubby Adam, daughter Clementine and our feisty Pug Rommie.  I paint and teach art classes in our historic 1840's brick farmhouse named Wildwood.  

My paintings reflect the joy & aliveness that I experience while adventuring through rural Ontario.  I gravitate to trees, country roads and farm fields, which I portray in a playful, impressionistic & intuitive manner with an emphasis on light, colour and atmosphere.

I strive to live in the-moment, find beauty in the storm, take chances, dream big, make mistakes, dust myself off, and abide by the law of attraction; you are what you think so why not think up a big, beautiful landscape!

My goal as an artist is to spread the joy & aliveness I feel from my adventures. 

Thanks for following along on this journey with me!

Artist Statement:

My works depict the rural Canadian landscape in a playful yet peaceful manner.  Inspired by nature, I love adventuring through rural Ontario, chasing the light.  I work from photos and enjoy plein air painting.  I gravitate to the golden hour, trees, rolling fields, colourful skies, and tranquil waters.  My adventures help bring me into the present moment and fill me with a sense of wonder, excitement, joy, calm and beauty, through the painting process I strive to bring the same experiences to my viewers.  In a world filled with mental noise and distractions, I believe we can all benefit from experiencing more stillness, beauty and calm through nature and art.


My work is influenced by traditional artists and techniques, but over the years I have developed a unique combination of colour, rhythmic brushstrokes, light, and atmospheric perspective that reflects my own personality; a mix of quiet, playful, soft yet bold at times.  The golden hour is an extremely exciting time for me as the colours appear richer and the shadows are more dramatic.  I enjoy working on all scales of canvas, from small to large. 

Using water mixable oils, I paint in an impressionistic and intuitive style applying rhythmic brushstrokes, light, shadow, colour, and atmospheric perspective throughout my works.  I use an underpainting to tone the canvas (a traditional method called Imprimatura), add in shadows and remove paint to create highlights.  This allows me to solely focus on the composition and values.  Once dry, I add layers of colour, working thin to thick. ​ Although my works start out using traditional methods and focus on value and composition, as the painting progresses my brushstrokes and colours become bolder.  I use brushstrokes to guide the viewer through the painting that give movement, emotion and life to the subject matter.  My use of saturated and de-saturated colours along with thin and thicker paint application, allow for a greater sense of depth and atmospheric perspective. 

With each painting, I strive to say more with less, through more direct and simplified brushwork.





Kerry Walford is a Canadian Landscape Painter living in Southern Ontario.  She received a Bachelor of fine arts degree from York University in 2006 where she immersed herself in painting, drawing & historical techniques for 4 years.  She went on to study Interior Design at Sheridan College, receiving a diploma in Interior Design in 2009, which enabled her to dabble in both fields for several years.  Kerry has participated in several juried exhibitions including the One of a Kind Show (Toronto), the Artist Project (Toronto), and various outdoor art shows.  Her works are represented through Ontario Galleries including the Art Gallery of Burlington, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, and Paula White Diamond Art Gallery (Waterloo).  Her works are in private collections across Canada and the United States.  She began teaching adult & children’s art classes in 2014 and found it extremely rewarding. 

In 2015 Kerry and her hubby Adam moved to the small town of Cayuga, Ontario, where they fell in love with an 1840’s-built farmhouse.  After having her daughter Clementine in 2017, Kerry decided to pursue her dream of being a full-time artist and opening her own art gallery, Wildwood Art Gallery & Studio in 2018.  Today she enjoys a vibrant mix of roles including motherhood, artist, gallery owner and art teacher.  There is never a dull moment, but she feels truly fulfilled and grateful to be able to share her passion with others.

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