Kerry Walford graduated from York University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (with honours).  She specialized in painting, drawing & historical techniques.  She went on to study Interior Design at Sheridan College, where she received her Diploma (with honours) in 2009.   While dabbling in both fields for several years, she decided to dedicate more of her time to art.


Walford has been a practicing artist since 2006. Her paintings have been exhibited in various juried shows including; The Artist Project, One of a Kind Show and the AGH Annual Art Sale.  She is currently represented by the AGB shop (Burlington), AGH shop (Hamilton) and PWD Gallery (Waterloo).


Walford now resides in Cayuga, ON, with her hubby Adam, daughter Clementine and one feisty Pug-Boston mix named Rommie.  The family recently opened up Wildwood Art Gallery & Studio in their 1840's Regency style farmhouse. To find out more about the gallery go to: WildwoodCayuga.com


Artist Statement:

For as long as I can remember I have had a keen eye for observing and sketching out my surroundings.  The act of creating brings me much joy and I liken a painting session to a form of mediation. 


I work in oil and I am inspired by light, shadows, interesting compositions, and the exploration of colour.   I paint many things, but it is the rural Ontario landscape that I gravitate to most.  Some of my favourite subject matter includes country roads, rolling farm fields, large cloudy skies and anything at the golden hour.   I prefer working large and quickly, with gestural brushstrokes and Iā€™m always striving to say more with less.  I start each piece with an orange under-painting (a technique known as Imprimatura) and build up layers of colour working thin to thick.  My works are impressionistic and aim to transport the viewer to a special place and time.


Seeking out these wondrous sights and experiences and translating that energy to canvas brings me an abundance of joy and satisfaction.  I love adventuring though my surroundings wherever they may be, with a camera in hand or even better painting en plein air capturing the moment as I see and feel it.


Commission work welcome, please email me at info@kerrywalford.com


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